Available to buy on request

Snoopy table being madeSnoopy Table in black

Snoopy Table

2 Screw You tables and 1 Screw You stoolScrew You bolt

Screw You

Polished metalEspresso Bench with custom engraving

Espresso Bench (Polished)

Engraved metalEspresso Bench with grey and white gradient

Espresso Bench

One-off bespoke designs

Inside of Space Cowboy benchSpace Cowboy Bench

Space Cowboy

Circular part of Mandeville ChairMandeville Gold Chair

Mandeville Gold Chair

Metal legs of a tableTable with 8 chairs and ceiling lamp


Metal cylinder with engravingClose up engraving of the word 'Clints'

Clints Stool

Flower shaped piece of metalColourful interior of bakery

Siop Shop

Curved piece of metal being unwrappedMetal cash desk

Wonderful Flight

Metal cylinderMetal cylinder

Aluminium Planter